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hand wash

At Bohemia Hand Wash, our number one priority is the quality of our service. We take extra time, and the utmost care when washing each car, 100% by hand. At Bohemia Hand Wash we will gently hand wash the dirt off your car with new 100% Micro Fiber Wash Mitts as your car rides by on out state of the art Meoprene conveyor rollers. Our conveyor, besides being safe for your tires and rims can also accommodate any size factory rim. Before and after your car is cleaned by our hand washers, it is bathed in EcoLab Beyond Green chemicals, soaps, and waxes. EcoLab's beyond Green products are 100% biodegradable and safe for our environment, and your car. We are the only location in New York State to be 100% Beyond Green Certified. All of this and more is what separates us from all our competitors.

Our Washes.

1.Sand Dune
Our famous full service car wash followed by our one of a kind air gun drying system that eliminates drip marks, finishing with our Special Formula Tire Dressing.

2. Bay Breeze
Includes everything in our Sand Dune Package, plus our Triple Polish Wax, Under Carriage Wash, and our Sealant Wax.

3.Light House
Includes everything in our Bay Breeze Package, plus your two front mats shampooed, Rain X Total Vehicle Treatment.

Best Protection in the Industry Today !

4. Bohemia Exclusive
"Our Mini Detail Wash"

Includes everything in our Light House Package, plus all four floor mats shampooed, and Hand Applied Body Gloss with Carnauba.

Outside only.

Full Service
Includes vaccum , windows inside and outside.




hand wash

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